Colorful illustrations that you can mix-and-match and add to any project.

Create a Doodle

Get weird with your amigos

You can create anything with Blush and Amigos. It works like building blocks made of vector arms, legs, and emotions. Mix elements to create different characters and scenes.

Create your Own

Works with your favorite design tools

Bring illustrations to your canvas with the Figma and Sketch plugins. That way you can keep iterating, without losing context, until you get the right doodle to tell your story.

Doodles are the chocolate chips in your cookies

Make every project an awesome project with illustrations. You can use Blush  for stickers, apps, swag, print, websites, tattoos, presentations, whatevs.

Free Assets

Get started with these templates using the Amigos illustrations.

Grab and go!

Get started with these ready-to-download doodles. Or click on them to make them your own.

Gustavo Pedrosa

Amigos was made by Gustavo, a talented artist from Brazil who plays with vibrant pigments, organic textures, and flowy lines to create beautiful illustrations.
Meet the artist
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